Free analysis of your electric bills

We will examine your electric bills at no cost to you to see if there is potential energy savings through the installation of Powerworx™.

In order to complete the analysis, we simply need you to submit the most recent 12 months worth of electric bills.

Why do we need your electric bills?

No two electric utility companies bill their customers using the same rate structure and rate amounts.

There are common units of measure that utilities use to bill customers which includes kW, kWh, kVAR, kVARh and kVA.

Utility companies may penalize customers for poor “Power Factor” or charge more for one or more of the above units of measure for “Peak” and “Off Peak” usage.

There now exists “Supplier/Generation”, “Transmission”, and “Distribution” charges for one or more of the above listed units of measure.

Continental Power Corporation prepares a FREE detailed billing and usage cost analysis for each customer based on how their particular electric utility company bills them.

What can you tell from my electric bills?

From the detailed billing cost analysis we will identify:

  • How many days are included in each billing period
  • For what and at what rate a customer is being billed
  • Seasonal fluctuations of electric usage during a twelve month cycle
  • If the customer is being penalized for poor Power Factor
  • If the customer is being charged for peak and off peak usage
  • If the electric utility has over billed or made a mistake on the customer’s bill
  • If the rates or billing procedure has changed during any given month

What will you do with my electric bills?

After reviewing your electric bills we will:

  • Prepare a detailed billing cost analysis
  • Determine the approximate amount of Powerworx hardware to install
  • Prepare a detailed proposal covering cost, annual savings, payback periods, and return on investment
  • Prepare a post installation savings analysis

What if I don’t want to submit my electric bills?

Without the actual twelve months of a prospective customer’s electric bills most of the above would be impossible to calculate. Actual electric bills are required in order to do the best job for the customer and the only way to offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Are my bills safe with you?

Yes, your bills are stored in a secure database and sent over a secure (HTTPS/SSL/TLS) connection. There is rarely personally identifiable information listed on your statements except your name, address, and account number.

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