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Continental Power Corporation (CPC), formed in 1993 and privately owned, has developed into an electric energy conservation and quality specialist with its unique and expanding line of Powerworx™ power conditioning systems.

Our Powerworx™ systems are proudly manufactured in the USA with state-of-the-art components and are quality tested before they are shipped from our manufacturing facility. Our systems improve power quality by improving the efficiency of your electrical usage and reducing damaging harmonic distortions on your electrical system, provide surge and spike protection, increase electrical system capacity, extend electrical equipment life and reduce electricity costs.

Our units can be installed by any licensed electrician and come with a 100% money back guarantee. We market through an ever expanding dealer network with headquarters located in Greensburg, PA.
We at Continental Power Corporation are proud of the favorable environmental impact our systems provide. Our systems pay for themselves by reducing downtime repairs, replacement of electrical equipment, and improving bottom line by reducing energy usage.

By reducing the need to generate electricity, our systems reduce hundreds of tons of coal used annually as a primary raw material at many power generating stations and the resulting emission of hundreds of thousands of pounds of sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Our systems are a win/win for both the customer and the environment!

Our numerous satisfied customers include water and sewage municipalities, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, hotels, hospitals, grocery stores, tool and die shops, printing companies, banks, large industrial complexes, office buildings, and more!


Continental Power Corporation is NOT an Alternative Electric Supplier of electricity nor do we interfere with anything you are contractually obligated to with an Alternative Supplier.

By nature of our business, we require the last 12 months worth of actual electric bills so that we can determine a customer’s usage profile, their electric usage efficiency and utility company’s rate structure. This information is used as a basis to prepare a no cost proposal indicating the savings potential of installing our systems. By negotiating a competitive electric rate from an electricity marketing company (Alternate Electric Supplier) and installing our Powerworx™ “Clean Power Systems” you will have maximized the savings potential in regard to your electrical expense!

Now let us help you reduce your consumption and energy costs by installing our Powerworx™ systems in your facility!

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